Booking Comedians

Looking For A Comedian To Entertain At Your Event?

We're happy to help with that!

We understand that many such events need to be held in hotel ballrooms, restaurants and other locations--and can be greatly enhanced with a performance by a comedian like the ones that appear at Cap City every week. We can provide you all kinds of comedians, at all kinds of levels (and who charge all kinds of fees) for all kinds of events, including corporate functions, awards banquet or other special dinners, company meetings or retreats, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, etc.--you name it. So for specific comedians for your event, perhaps you'd like to consider those who'll be performing soon at Cap City (check out our Upcoming Schedule).

Or, if there's someone you've seen at the club or on TV who's not on our schedule currently--that's no problem. We can book just about any comedian for you, except maybe Letterman (who doesn't perform outside his own show) and one or two others.

Also, please keep in mind that many comedians are quite accommodating about writing special material for your event or otherwise customizing their performance.


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