Joe Rogan from UFC, 'Fear Factor' & 'The Joe Rogan Experience'

It’s a measure of how successful Joe Rogan has been on television--and for how long--that many folks who could reasonably claim to be his fans are often surprised to learn that he’s a stand-up comedian, much less a highly experienced, enormously accomplished one. Somewhat odd and mystifying at first glance, this scenario actually makes quite a bit of sense upon closer inspection: Stretching all the way back to 1995, Rogan became a weekly presence on primetime network TV, on the NBC sitcom “NewsRadio,” portraying Joe Garelli. That series aired on NBC for five years (and lives on in syndication), but this obviously involved Joe acting, so while his was a funny character on a funny show, his work there didn’t necessarily suggest his stand-up background. For the better part of a half-dozen years, he presided over NBC’s “Fear Factor,” in which he fulfilled the role of host--and could certainly be more himself. But, again, his work there didn’t really telegraph that he was a veteran comic, and didn’t begin to indicate that, when operating in his comedian guise, the act tends to be dark, edgy, provocative, sometimes explicit and blue, and never for prudes or the faint-hearted. But he’s a skillful, powerful purveyor of no-holds barred comedy, with credits ranging from multiple appearances on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” to multiple visits to “Howard Stern” to co-hosting the second generation version of “The Man Show.” Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Joe not on TV in your living room, but up close and personal in the cozy confines of Cap City.